Cartwright-Kennedy, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Cartwright-Kennedy is the wife of Col. Thaddeus Cartwright and the mother of Col. James E. Cartwright, II.

She served as the interim CEO of the Cartwright's Cavaliers human mercenary company until Jim Cartwright achieved his majority. Unfortunately, thanks to her mis-management, the Cavaliers wer forced into bankruptcy.

From the Books: "She’d been an incredibly beautiful woman once. Now she weighed almost as much as Jim. At five-foot-ten-inches, tall by average North American standards, she was very large for a woman. She was light complexioned with high cheekbones, long blonde hair and striking blue eyes. His father had said she had a figure that would stop a rampaging Tortantula. Now it looked like she had one that would feed a company of Tortantula. She’d put on at least fifty pounds, and it looked like a lot of it had been from drugs and booze. She looked hard-used, and her clothes were not the usual pristine high-end brands she’d stuck to exclusively when he was growing up. The handbag appeared to be a knockoff, too. He dimly wondered what she’d done with the money." - Cartwright's Cavaliers, p.221-2.