Fletcher-class Destroyers

The Petal-class is a class of destroyers used by Human mercenary companies.

The lead ship of the class, the EMS Fletcher, was commissioned 77 years ago. Initially viewed as cheap and utilitarian, its lack of bells and whistles proved to be beneficial as their simple design has proven robust. Though the entire concept of the destroyer is outdated, much less this class of warship, several remain in use to this day because of their reliability and inexpensive maintenance costs.

Ships in Class

EMS Fletcher
EMS Algonquin
EMS Huron


Ship Abbreviation: DD
Tonnage: 11,800
Maximum Acceleration: 7.2G
Endurance: 450 G-hours, F11 sufficient for 1,100 FPH
Power: Two dual-use toroidal fusion plants/torches (25 terawatts each)
Shields: Two 500/3 gigawatt generators mounted fore and aft that can be directed, some also multiphase
Armor: Minimal (useful against micrometeors or up to 10-megawatt lasers)