Tahrietha Trackers

The Tahrietha Trackers are a Zuul mercenary company.

According to the Mercenary Guild database, they have not taken nor fulfilled any contracts for the past eight years.

Unit Insignia: A spear standing in a pool of water
Motto: The Swamps Shall Not Hide
Current Commander: Tahcarran
Previous Commanders:
Force Organization:

  • Fang 1 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 2 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 3 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 4 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 5 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 6 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 7 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Fang 8 (Zuul Infantry)
  • Support elements unknown but are present

Special Equipment:
Headquarters: Tahv
Known Operational Locations: Maquon