(102) Emergency Training Contract

Description: Training to help better ourselves for our community. 

  • First Aid+CPR (combined): (5) points for the current certification, (3) points for the further renewal.
  • Advanced First Aid certification (5) points for the current certification, (3) points for the further renewal.
  • Red Cross training: (2) points per CEU equivalent completed.
  • FEMA ICS: (2) points per CEU completed. 
  • CERT: In addition to ICS classes taken, a CERT certification (or FEMA recognized equivalent, NET, ETC) earns (4) points plus a (2) point bonus for volunteering on an active team. Volunteer training time on a team is calculated under “Other Safety & Emergency Training:”. 
  • Amateur Radio: (5) points per initial (or current) license level earned (Tech, General, Extra; and the foreign equivalents of), (3) point per follow-on renewals. 
  • Other Safety & Emergency Training: (1) point per 10 hours (or equivalent) of course time for courses and certification not listed above. Only the most current training or certification counts,, only training time/coursework with a specific focus on life saving skills counts. Professional First Responder training will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 
  • Instructor Bonus: (1) point is earned per (2) hours time a member serves as an instructor in safety and emergency preparedness. Instructor time as part of paid employment does not count. 

Contract length: (8) points and earns (4) additional points for each Completed Contract.

Documentation: Copies of certificates, licenses or transcripts; links to entry in license databases (ie: Amerture Radio/FCC), instructor letter.

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