(103) Information Courier Contract

Description: This fan group is based on books, so spread the love. A book may only be counted in one category below:

  • (1) point is earned per Four Horseman Universe book (4HU main books, official 4HU anthologies and side books); 
  • (1) point is earned per “Colonel's Reading List” book; 
  • (1) point is earned per 1000 pages read of books with a primary focus on leadership, and military, mercenary, and pirate history; 
  • (1) point is earned per 1000 pages read of Chris Kennedy Publication books
  • (1) point is earned per 2000 pages read of all other books. Books may only be counted in one category. E-books and alternate formats will use the page count listed on amazon.com. 

Contract length: (8) points and earns (2) additional point for each Completed Contract.

Documentation: Book List: Date finished, Author, Title, ISBN/ASIN, Page count (for e-books and audio books, regardless of source, used page count for the “Mass Market Paperback” version of the book found on Amazon as available), and category of book (4HU, COL Reading List, leadership Mil & Merc History, CKP Books, all other).

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