(105) Recruitment Contract

Description: Meet new people, make new friends.

  • (1) point is earned per new member recruited into TMG (regardless of chapter they join). The new recruit will need to confirm this recruitment. 
  • (2) points are earned for directly helping to start an entirely new chapter. Directly helping means they guided the new chapter to being put together. For example, helped decide on a name, helped with ideas on type of chapter, helped encourage starting members for the chapter, or any other action that directly and beneficially affected the creation of the chapter where it was not this person's job to do so. The earning member can not be part of the new chapter. 

Contract length: (5) points and earns (4) additional points for each Completed Contract.

Documentation: Recruit: Name, contact information (email/phone number), member ID# and chapter of the new recruit. New Chapter: statement from new Chapter Commander or Mercenary Council/Staff certifying assistance.

All Documentation for this contract needs to be sent to your Company Commander

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