(106) Convention Operations Contract


  • (1) point earned for directly supporting TMG operations at a convention. This includes activities like manning shifts for the TMG fan table or manning a TMG support facility (wardroom, etc). This also includes activities which do not require a physical presence at a convention like coordinating operations (coordinating activity staffing, group dinners, etc). 
  • (2) points are earned for representing the TMG while contributing to the convention programing and activities. This includes things such as participating as a panel member and hosting or coordinating an activity (discussion, workshop, games, etc). 
  • A Member may only earn points once in each category per convention 

Contract length: (6) points and earns (4) additional points for each Completed Contract.

Documentation: Name, date and location of event with statement from a (2) other members, or a Chapter Commander or Mercenary Council/Staff certifying assistance; or copy of name in event programming. 

All Documentation for this contract needs to be sent to your Company Commander

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