Christopher, Adayn

Adayn Christopher is the chief armorer and CASPer specialist for the Cartwright's Cavaliers human mercenary unit.

From the Books: "A woman who looked to be in her late twenties came around so he could see her and Jim blinked. Most of the men and women who worked on the suits and weapons were grease-monkey types. They tended toward short hair, well-worn jumpsuits, and calloused hands. Adayn did not fit that description in the least. She was short, had a beautiful face, and her outfit was spotless. She also had nearly waist length raven-black hair braided in an elaborate ponytail that currently fell over her left shoulder and down her back. She looked up at him and smiled, her sky-blue eyes twinkling in an almost mischievous grin. " - Cartwright's Cavaliers, p. 76.