The Cochkala (Kosh-call-a) are a race in the Galactic Union.

They look like tall bipedal badgers. They have a smooth, flowing stride with long prehensile tails.

Their primary body language involves various motions of their tail, which are complex, sure, and capable of expressing any emotion. Facial expressions and movements of their forepaws tend to be minimal and serve to emphasize and supplement their tail expressions.

Much like terrestrial badgers, Cochkala are often determined and aggressive. However, these tendencies have directed them toward commercial, rather than military, endeavors. They have created an intricate system of corporations, stock exchanges, and trading networks which compete with all the strategic and tactical acumen the greatest generals in Earth's history.

Cochkala society is centered around a number of large clans, currently twelve major ones along with about forty smaller yet distinct clans. These serve in many ways as nations do on Earth. The primary difference is that clans are not geographically concentrated and borders, as understood on Earth, are not terribly relevant. Members of all clans can be found throughout GrBatch, and many customs and traditions have grown allowing for clans to work together without serious armed conflict.

Within each clan is a number of kinships. If clans could be considered nations, kinships might be considered provinces within the nations. Rivalries between kinships can often be more violent and damaging than rivalries between clans, but woe betide anyone from outside a clan who dares to involve themselves in such a conflict. When that happens, the kinships turn their wrath upon the outsider before resuming their own conflict.

While the network of corporations and trading networks cross all clans and kinships, there are also family corporations that serve a variety of functions including most charity works, displaying clan prestige, and educational systems.

With their commercial focus, it is no surprise they are members of the Wathayat Trading Consortium.

Home Planet: GrBatch

Pronunciation: Kosh-call-a