Kakata Korps

Kakata Korps is a human mercenary company.

Kakata Korps Logo

Unit Insignia: A snarling lion
Motto: “Paint the Sky!”
Current Commander: Col. Mulbah Luo. Callsign: Lion Six
Previous Commanders: None
Force Organization: CASPers supported by Infantry and Artillery

  • Command – “Lions” (Six CASPers, Commanding Officer Colonel Luo. Executive Officer Maj. Thorpi)
  • First Company – “The Leopards of Liberia” (2 Squads, 13 CASPers, commanded by Cpt. Samson Tolbert)
  • Second Company – “Karnga’s Jackals” (2 Squads, 10 CASPers, commanded by Cpt. Antonious Karnga)
  • Third Company – “Goshawks” (2 Squads, 13 CASPers, commanded by Cpt, Zion Jacobs)

Special Equipment:

  • Mk. 7 Heavy Support CASPer – A heavier armored rendition of the venerable design, the Mk. 7 Heavy Support CASPer sacrifices mobility for more firepower and armor. Used primarily by the Third Company.
  • Mk. 8 Command CASPer
  • PAC-VL (Patriot Missile System) – Advanced anti-aircraft missile defense system used by the Korps, specifically designed to defend against assault shuttles.

Uniform: CADPAT TW (Temperate Woodland)
Headquarters: Monrovia, Liberia
Known Operational Locations: