The Pushtal are one of the the 37 mercenary races in the Galactic Union. They have been kicked out of the Mercenary Guild.

They are felinoid, looking like a smaller version of a Bengal tiger.

Unfortunately, they got into a war with the MinSha several hundred years ago and lost. Only a few hundred thousand remain on their homeworld, the rest are scattered around the galaxy. A few of them still work as legitimate mercenaries, but most make their way as pirates or thugs.

Their society is based upon clans with the clan leader being known as the First Claw. When it can be successfully voted upon by all the major First Claws their entire society is ruled by a Fangmaster. The government in exile is ruled by a Fangmaster from Draxis III in the Draxis System. Their goal is to eventually rebuild their race into a reputable one and regain membership into the Mercenary Guild.

"Target of Opportunity" in Luck is Not a Factor, describes what to do with a naked Pushtal.

Home Planet: Vorrhurna Prime

Pronunciation: Push-tull