Equipment ยป  Weapons


Missiles can be found in everything from short range anti-missile-missiles weight a few hundred kilos, to ground based behemoths resembling 20th century Earth ICBMs weighing around 50 tons.

Their power tends to be chemical, though some races employ fusion powered rockets that might be more properly called suicide drones. Their payloads include energy (plasma discharge), high explosive, nuclear, and others.

The most common in space is known as the 'ship killer.' This is a two-stage chemical missile tipped with a shaped nuclear warhead. It is designed to engage targets as much as 10 light minutes away. It boosts on its first stage, then coasts until the 2nd stage fires for terminal guidance.


Tonnage Range: 500 kg - 50 tons
Common Maximum Acceleration: 500-1000 G
Common Endurance: Single stage: 10 seconds, Multiple stages: up to 30 seconds
Common Power: Chemical (solid or cryogenic)
Common Shields: None
Common Armor: None
Common Payloads:

  • Conventional high explosive
  • Magnetically contained drive plasma
  • Nuclear (Usually fission, but sometimes fusion)