Timeline of the Four Horsemen Universe

(ed. note: This is a first draft to work with designs and ideas. These numbers can and will change as needed, and much more information will be added.)

18,000 BCE: Great War. Billions killed and many planets were destroyed. Results in formation of Galactic Union.

2024 CE: Cartwright International established.

2025 CE: Gateway to the Union

2025 CE: First contact with Earth. Earth enters Mercenary Guild as 37th mercenary race.

2026 CE: Alpha Contracts. Only four companies survive: Asbaran Solutions, Cartwright's Cavaliers, The Golden Horde, and the Winged Hussars.

Approx 2040 CE: CASPer Mk. 1 designed by Dr. Peter P. Mauser.

2123 CE: Cartwright's Cavaliers begins.

2126 CE: Cartwright's Cavaliers ends.