Splunk is a Fae who has befriended Jim Cartwright.

From the Books: "'Sheeek, sheeek…<coooo!>' Jim rolled onto his other side to see a creature sitting there. It looked a little like a monkey with huge light-gathering eyes. It was small – maybe the size of a large cat – with long arms tipped with proportionately long, dexterous fingers. Were those opposable thumbs? The rear legs were short, and it was bent over, much like an arboreal species on Earth...which was puzzling, considering there were no trees down in these caverns. It didn’t have a nose like a terrestrial monkey, just a pair of slits. Its ears were almost elfish and nearly half a foot long at the points. Its tail was enormous – at least twice as long as its body – and it was covered in dark fur. It was cute!

“'Hi,' Jim said. It cocked its head, listening. 'Are you friendly?'
'Seeetootoo, pieeeee…<skeee!>'

"Jim saw a mouth of short, sharp teeth as it spoke with its musical tones. It’s not just animalistic vocalizations, he decided. Another sentient species on Kash-Kah? Why hadn’t the Duplato mentioned them?"

- Cartwright's Cavaliers, p.