Taylor, Evelyn

Maj. Evelyn Taylor was an officer in the Golden Horde human mercenary company. At one point, she served as first sergeant of that company.

She served as an MST Facilitator after stepping away from active duty.

From the Books: "A couple of inches shorter than Mrs. Addams, she had ultra-short black hair and deep-set, piercing gray eyes in a face so thin it was almost skeletal. She wore her dark blue Army uniform like plate armor. He only knew she was a woman by the slight swell of her breasts beneath her uniform shirt. Major Taylor walked the same way she wore her uniform – with crisp precision. Her hat remained firmly tucked under one arm as she marched into the room. All the kids sat up a little straighter, recognizing authority as it arrived. This authority clearly outranked even Mrs. Addams, by whom they were more than a little intimidated. Jim took immediate note of the rows of ribbons on her chest. In particular, his perceptive young eyes spotted two ribbons that did not match the others. I know why you do this job, he thought with a little smile. He’d recognized service ribbons for two different mercenary companies."
- Cartwright's Cavaliers, p. 10-11.