Destroyers were originally larger than frigates and tasked with countering the same. They were often faster though not as nimble than frigates, and more heavily armed. Their weaponry is forward oriented for pursuit.

They are not common in modern times because many of their roles can be performed better by drones.


Base Abbreviation: DD
Tonnage Range: 8-12,000 tons
Common Maximum Acceleration: 7-10 G
Common Endurance: 500-700 G-hours, F11 sufficient for 1,100 FPH
Common Power: Two dual-use toroidal fusion plants/torches (25 terawatts each)
Common Shields: Two 500/3 gigawatt generators mounted fore and aft that can be directed, some also multiphase
Common Armor: Minimal (useful against micrometeors or up to 10-megawatt lasers)
Common Armaments:

  • Anti-missile lasers (4,100 megawatt, centrally-mounted)
  • Lasers (2, 5 gigawatt, bow-mounted) or missile launchers (2, forward-mounted, 5-round racks)