The Aposo are a mercenary race in the Galactic Union.

The Aposo resemble the Veetanho, but are squatter and more rodent-like. They are also much more prone to violence than the Veetanho. They are a short-lived species, with a life expectancy in the lower thirties. This is offset by a tremendous birth rate, with their females averaging two litters of six to ten kits per year. They also mature quickly. Children are raised in a pouch for the first six months, but reach breeding age in 26 months and are considered adults by the age of four.

They exist in a caste-like system where it is possible to progress upwards in society. Some of the notable castes are front line skirmishers, shooters, and leaders. All must serve in their mercenary companies.

In battle, they have no concern for their life or casualties. While not especially blood-thirsty, they often shun armor and carry minimal ammunition so they can close to grapple. They have razor sharp teeth capable of rending carbon fiber. Because of these attributes and their fighting style, they are sometimes called mammalian Tortantulas.

Home Planet: Ap'apal

Pronunciation: Ah-po-so