Galactic Union

The Galactic Union is the primary government of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the descendant of the First Republic.

Because of the galaxy's experience with the First Republic, the Galactic Union is extremely limited in power. True power rests, generally speaking, with the various guilds.

There are, however, a few laws that the Galactic Union will enforce using the Mercenary Guild as its police force. These are:

  • No spaceship may fire weapons at a planet’s surface from above an altitude of 10 miles
  • May not breed Canavar
  • May not use bio-weapons
  • May not devastate a home world to the extent of making a race extinct
  • May not commit racial genocide
  • May not destroy stargates

Violation of these rules can result in a “Letter of War” being issued by the Union. A Letter of War allows any mercenary force to deal with you as they please, up to and including violating the aforementioned rules.