The Besquith are one of the the 37 mercenary races in the Galactic Union.

They are large, fierce, and carnivorous with multiple rows of shark like teeth.

Besquith have three sexes: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Alphas are the fewest in number and bear litters of multiple offspring at one time. In mercenary companies the Alphas are too valuable to do the actual fighting and will be found in the leadership role. The Betas are the males of the species with the largest number and the strongest, fiercest fighters. Gammas are in essence without gender and are smaller and weaker than the Beta. Gammas have an undeveloped potential to permanently become either an Alpha or Beta later in their lifetime but can also stay as a Gamma their entire life.

Hyphenated names indicate that a specific Besquith is part of a clan bonded to a specific alpha, whether via a mating bond or a creche bond. For instance if a beta named Rokam is chosen by an alpha named Hostan as a mate Rokam's new name will be Rokam-Hos to signify his new "family." It is not uncommon for multiple females to form a creche-bond with each other resulting in larger clans with one alpha overall and the subordinate alpha(s) taking the -Hos name for themselves.

Example names: Brel-Al, Galrath, Stel-Ca, Creg-An, Sharith

Home Planet: Bestald

Pronunciation: Bes-kwith

From the Books: "Many mercenary species were imposing to view. Others, like the Besquith, were truly horrifying. A predator species with huge mouths full of razor sharp teeth, a smiling Besquith was often the last thing a being would ever see." - Cartwright's Cavaliers, p. 263