Drones are robotic remotely piloted or automated units with engines, armaments, and little else carried in great numbers by warships. They come in a wide range of sizes, purposes, and power plant.

From battery operated ion driven long range recon drones to fusion powered attack drones, they are nearly ubiquitous in the Union and largely responsible for the absence of space based fighter craft.


Tonnage Range: 10-100 tons
Common Maximum Acceleration: 50-200 G
Common Endurance: Tactical drones: 1-2000 G-seconds, Chemically powered 500-1000 G-seconds
Common Power: Chemical (cryogenic) or Fusion torch
Common Shields: Rarely (except for the Winged Hussars)
Common Armor: None to minimal
Common Payloads:

  • Lasers (1-10 megawatt) on fusion torch powered versions
  • Ship killers
  • Recon sensors