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EMS Fletcher

The EMS Fletcher was the lead ship of the Fletcher-class destroyers used human mercenary company.

It served admirably for over four decades before getting sold for scrap.


Ship Abbreviation: DD
Tonnage: 11,800
Maximum Acceleration: 7.2G
Endurance: 450 G-hours, F11 sufficient for 1,100 FPH
Power: Two dual-use toroidal fusion plants/torches (25 terawatts each)
Shields: Two 500/3 gigawatt generators mounted fore and aft that can be directed, some also multiphase
Armor: Minimal (useful against micrometeors or up to 10-megawatt lasers)

Notes: When purchased by the Foresters, they removed one forward mounted missile rack and two anti-missile lasers. They added the shuttle bay and quarters for two platoons of CASPer armed troopers.