Heavy Cruiser

Heavy Cruisers are meant to get in close and slug it out. They carry massive defenses and close-medium range offensive punch. They are rare in modern times because they lack the speed to serve as many other cruisers can and do not have the firepower to stand up to actual capital ships.


Base Abbreviation: CA
Tonnage Range: 80-100,000 tons
Common Maximum Acceleration: 3-5 G
Common Endurance: 1,000-1,250 G-hours, F11 sufficient for 750 FPH
Common Power: Two dual-use toroidal fusion plants/torches (30 terawatts each)
Common Shields: 3 500/7 gigawatt generators mounted forward, 1-2 500/7 generators amidships, 1-2 500/7 generators aft
Common Armor: Excellent (multiple 1-gigawatt hits or several 5-gigawatt, impervious to HE warheads, resistant to nuclear warheads)
Common Armaments: