Khatash is a system in the Centaur Region of the Jesc Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Its primary planet is also called Khatash, and is the home planet of the Depik.

Its surface is mostly ocean, and its land masses are 90% covered in triple-canopy jungle, though the Khatash jungles vary in temperature conditions much more than Earth jungles do. There are polar jungles on Khatash as well as equatorial and temperate jungles.

Khatash City is the only spaceport on the planet. The city’s Free Trade Zone (including the cone of airspace above it) is the only area on Khatash where an offworlder may go without being bound to one of the native Depik clans.

Assassination and Malluma Songo, a highly addictive hallucinogenic drug much prized among certain sectors of galactic society, are Khatash's primary exports.

Because of their secretive nature, little is known of the Depiks and the planetary government. The current consensus is that Khatash is ruled by a Council of Elders, probably consisting of the ruling females and family elders, however, its exact nature, form, planetary constitution, and factional breakdowns are virtually unknown to any other than the Depik themselves.