The Depik are a race in the Galactic Union.

They are a felinoid race, are Depik are roughly the size of earth housecats, and resemble them in configuration enough that they can pass as pets on Earth if necessary. They’re capable of both bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion, and each paw features an opposable digit that functions much like a human thumb. However, outside of such external features, little else is known about their biology. They are notoriously secretive and no Depik body has ever been found, nor have any Depik been captured alive.

Though not exactly a mercenary race, they do have ties to the Mercenary and Merchant Guilds. They’re known as the galaxy’s premier assassins. Once a contract is made, the Depik will not rest until it is fulfilled. If a Depik falls during the execution of a contract, that Depik’s clan will fulfil the contract for them.

Home Planet: Khatash