Queen Elizabeth's Own Foresters

The Queen Elizabeth's Own Foresters is a human mercenary company.

Unit Insignia: A stag couchant upon a mount proper encircled wreath of autumnal maple leaves
Motto: “Tenacious and Versatile!”
Current Commander: (Edmonds, Roosevelt|Col. Roosevelt Edmonds)). Callsign: Sunray Actual
Previous Commanders:

Force Organization: CASPers supported by Engineers

  • HQ Company (Foresters House, Toronto, ON)
  • Sapper Company (Owen Sound, ON)
  • Alfa Company (CASPer Augmented Mechanized Infantry)
  • Bravo Company (CASPer Augmented Mechanized Infantry)
  • Charlie Company (CASPer Augmented Mechanized Infantry Training Unit)

Special Equipment:
Uniform: Green Battle-Dress Utility (BDU)
Headquarters: Owen Sound, Ontario
Known Operational Locations: