(101) Community Service Contracts

(101) Community Service Contracts: 

Description: We are all part of our communities and should give back to help others. The Mercenary Guild encourages its members to give back through community service.

  • Individual Contracts: (1) point is earned for every hour of verified community service. Examples of activities include, but are not limited to, volunteering at: homeless shelters, animal shelters, Vet centers, “soup kitchens”, food pantries, environmental cleanup, charity building programs (like habitat for humanity), etc. Blood donations: Donating blood to a blood bank counts as 1 hour of community service, regardless of how long the actual donation takes. The key is selfless service to the community. Activities and time which a person receives compensation for do not count, though receiving reimbursement materials etc is allowed. Activities such as political campaigning and religious canvassing do not count. 
  • Contract length: (5) points and earns (4) additional points for each Completed Contract.

Documentation: Letter or time sheet from sponsoring organization activity supervisor.

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