It’s Bookbub Day!

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Bring it in! Take a knee!

For those of you who are unaware, today is the day of days. It is the day when the authors and fans of the Four Horsemen Universe finally march forth to claim the manifest destiny that we so richly deserve. Today is the day we battle our way to the top of the stack and get one of our favorite books on the US Today Bestseller List. (At least if all goes according to plan.)

Today Cartwright’s Cavaliers by Mark Wandrey, the first ever novel in the 4HU gets its Bookbub.

It will be featured in elebenty bajillion inboxes(including mine) and offered up for the soon-to-be adoring eyes of a HUGE audience. If successful, this is the kind of a thing that could create a bigger following and grow not only the readership of the series our fan org is based around, but also the size of our org itself.

But we need your help.


If we’re going to push this to the top of the Bestseller lists, we need a mega-push from our fan base.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell that one annoying lady down the street who never has anything nice to say. Tell the mailman. Tell the milkman. Tell your grandma. Let the whole world know.


Oh, and let them know the e-book in on sale too. For the low, low price of ninety-nine cents your loved ones can own and read a copy of sheer awesome in written form.

If they don’t get the word, you will have failed them. You cannot allow your friends to miss this opportunity. Friends don’t let friends lose out.

Tell them!

Oh, but where can you buy it?

There is a link below. It’s at all of your favorite e-book purchasing sites and there are also paper copies available from Amazon.


Go forth and conquer mercs!

Use this link like it was free ammunition:

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