(205) Armor Qualifier Course

(205) Armor Qualifier Course
Mount up and tread heavy on through the fields.
Chapters need to clock time playing World of Tanks (and WoT Blitz), World of Warships (and WoWS Blitz), or MechWarrior Online. At least half (rounded up) of the Chapter's members must participate. The Chapter as a whole needs to accumulate a number of game play hours based on the following formula: 25 hours times half (rounded up) the number of the Chapter's members (example: a chapter with 7 members (half of 7 is 3.5 rounded to 4) would need 25 * 4 = 100 hours). Games must be played with at least one other TMG member (does not need to be a chapter member though). Hours may be tracked concurrently with Contract 104 Tactical Sim Training.
A completed contract awards (5) points with a combat bonus of (1) point for each additional chapter member above the minimum that participates.
Documentation: Members will need to fill out the (104) Tac Sim form for each game played


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