Carriers are the most variable of ship classification. This variety is based on the how they are used, which is heavily influenced by the race that is designing them.

They usually have excellent defenses, but do not use much tonnage for offensive firepower. Their parasites are their offense. These parasites include smaller ships such as escort frigates and a vast number of drones.


Base Abbreviation: CV
Tonnage Range: 20-60,000 tons
Common Maximum Acceleration: 4-8 G
Common Endurance: 1,500-2,000 G-hours, F11 sufficient for 2,500 FPH
Common Power: Three dual-use toroidal fusion plants/torches (15 terawatts each)
Common Shields: Two 500/4 gigawatt multiphase generators mounted amidships
Common Armor: Good (multiple 100-megawatt laser hits or a single 1-gigawatt hit, can help against missiles with HE warheads)
Common Armaments: