The Dusman were a race in the First Republic of the Milky Way Galaxy. They were one of the primary combatant races during the civil war that destroyed the First Republic.

They were known as skilled mechanical engineers. During the civil war, they used those skills to create giant mechas known as the Raknar.

By the end of the civil war, though, the Dusman were eradicated, though their side prevailed and formed the core of the Galactic Union.

Dusman Military positions:
Ske-ka - Fleet commander
Ske'ii - Ship captain

Osk'tor - Ground forces commander
Vok'tor - Vanguard commander (2800 Raknar)
??? - Nova commander (140 Raknar)
Vok'ka - Raknar Fist commander (7 Raknar)
Vok'i - Individual Raknar commander
Osk'sa - Star commander (140 Konar)
Osk'ka - Fist level ground forces commander
Osk'ii - Commando small unit commander
Osk'i - Individual commando

Home Planet:

Pronunciation: Dooze-man