Dreadnoughts are relics of the Great Galactic War are would serve as flagships of massive fleets. The Dusman and Kahraman both employed several at the center of armadas. The Jeha's Hive-class dreadnought were battletenders that carried a multitude of sublight craft.

They carried as much as ten times the firepower of a battleship and few weapons under the 10 terawatt range could penetrate their armor. They are also, however, exceptional targets and tended to draw all the enemies attention.

None have been manufactured in many millennia.


Base Abbreviation: DN
Tonnage Range: 2M-5M tons
Common Maximum Acceleration: .1-1 G
Common Endurance: 1,000-2,000 G-hours, F11 sufficient for 2,000 FPH
Common Power: 4-6 dual-use toroidal fusion plants/torches (30 terawatts each), 15-30 single use toroidal fusion plants (25 terawatts each)
Common Shields: 80-100 500/5 gigawatt multiphase generators arranged at all facings
Common Armor: Very Good (multiple 200-megawatt hits or a single 1-gigawatt, resistant to HE warheads, barely useful against nuclear warheads)
Common Armaments: