The KzSha are one of the the 37 mercenary races in the Galactic Union.

Not often encountered, the KzSha are renowned for their outright brutality and difficulty to kill. Resembling cicada-Killer wasps, they stand almost four feet tall (on rear legs), have eight limbs including four for standing/walking, two for manipulation, and two with serrated blades. They can regenerate limbs.

The Dusman uplifted them and they served the Dusman in return as payment. Their original species was known as the Kz.

Carapace is naturally hard, and they can exist in space for several minutes. They have nearly perfect peripheral vision well into the UV range, and sonar echolocation.

They can jump nearly 20 feet straight up in regular gravity, and fly in up to 0.75 G (which they favor). The communicate in infrared with 'lights' on their antenna, and don't consider non-insect life worth preserving.

Notorious slavers, they've nearly been tossed from the Mercenary Guild a dozen times.

Home Planet:

Pronunciation: Ze-shaw